As a mama without a lot of free time, I feel compelled to spend that little time I have on recommending this dear sweet lady’s photography skills. We hosted our wedding in Big Sur, CA and while blending in with the crowd (so as not to feel like an invasive, in your face photographer) she not only befriended grandparents and babies alike but also managed to take the most incredible photographs. Pictures that not only captured the most tried and true wedding moments (like cake in your face + dads walking daughters down the aisle) but also the ones that you want to remember forever (like the hug with your best friend after the ceremony + the looks upon their faces as your said your vows). Jentri is a true class act with an eye for love, a heart for adventure and only openness to your needs. I would hire this lovely lady again in a heartbeat and can’t wait until we are closer so she can document our little lady’s young life until she’s a protesting teenager!
— Christina Z.
When we set out to find a wedding photographer, our top priority was find one that could capture the story of our wedding day. Not just the posed, expected moments, but one that had a knack for being in the right place at the right time to get the shots nobody could predict. A technically skilled photographer that would capture the atmosphere of the day in photos. Jentri far exceeded our impossibly high expectations. She captured the fun, love, joy and happiness that I remember our wedding day to be filled with. And the cherry on top? Beyond her amazing talent and instinct, Jentri is a wonderful, kind human being to work with. I will forever be grateful that our paths crossed — I’m reminded of this each time I open our wedding books.
— Matt M.
Thank you Jentri Colello Photography for your wonderful presence and your wonderful photos. Although we were an out of town couple, Jentri went out of her way to meet us and consult with us pre-wedding. The day of the wedding, Jentri was so great at moving with the flow of our people and of the day, and was a calm, centering and delightful presence on a day that was buzzing with energy. And we will forever be grateful for the beautiful photos. Thanks so much Jentri.
— Gabrielle S.
Jentri is everything I wanted in a wedding photographer. She has a candid, photojournalistic style - she captures the sparkle in real moments. She also went above and beyond, even finding a tandem bike for us to use!! And the most important thing: looking at our photos transports us back to the magic of the day.. Added bonus, she’s fun to hang out with!
— Michelle T.
Jentri, Thank you for capturing our special day with true sincerity and artistry. We will cherish these gorgeous photos forever! You went above an beyond in every way! We look forward to sharing these memories with friends and family for years to come!
— Sara P.
Jentri shot my prenatal photos and I cried when I saw them. They were so wonderful, they really captured the joy I felt carrying my (now 9week old) son! The thing I like best about the photos is that they look so natural, like I was just hanging out with my belly not like I was being photographed (nothing staged or unnatural at all!). Can’t recommend her enough!
— Amy M.
Andy and I are so happy we chose Jentri to be our photographer for a very special weekend in our lives. She had wonderful ideas and made us feel very comfortable during the entire process. The photos brought happy tears to many eyes. I highly recommend Jentri Colello Photography and hope she will be open to taking photos at many more special moments in our lives!
— Ann T.